16 June 2014


Something I wrote a while back, inspired by my very first time I meet this one amazing woman. :)

It was like any other regular day in this tropical country, sunny and cheerful. Just a wonderful day to wake up to and head for a swim, a quick jog or a date! I wish I had time to do any of that, sadly I don’t. My work is waiting for me, and it’s a Saturday. Oh, the drag. So, here I am, graduated from high school, waiting for college admission and working at Chilli’s Restaurant to earn some money, and honestly to escape all the parental nagging and house chores.
                Just like any other working day, I make myself some good coffee and head out to Suria KLCC, the shining beacon of proud for Malaysians. I get to work and was quite content I was placed as a waitress for the day. That, compared to being the dishwasher, content I am. It was a busy day, people in, people out from morning. I used to wish I could be like any of those shopaholics who have indefinite wealth and able to shop in all those luxurious outlets, or marry a really rich guy. A girl can always dream.
                As I was sitting there, I started day dreaming on how amazing it would be to have a significant other to bring me out, to dine with me and share my living hours with. Someone who would laugh at my jokes because he thinks I’m funny, compliment me at random hours and someone who would make me feel worth living another day. I wonder is it all beautiful and wonderful when someone’s in love? Standing at 5 foot 4, my friends consider me attractive, though I wouldn’t brag about it. Slender, pretty, cute, gorgeous hair, these are some of the words boys used to call me. But all that mean nothing now, nothing especially after the previous guy dumped me for some ruthless whore.
                “Go attend table 12”, there goes my calling. So I bring myself to a stand, paste a friendly fake smile on my face and walk towards the table. It was 2 people, easy one I thought. I casually placed the menu on their table and the guy gave me the brightest smile I’ve seen in months and said “Thank You”. I quickly nodded and walked away, trying to hide my indian blush. Since I was intrigue, I walked past the table to catch a glance at whose opposite him, a girl, I would say she’s pretty. The girl opposite to him, in a purple top was indeed beautiful; I’m guessing they’re siblings.
                I gave them 10 minutes, and went to collect the orders, but they’re not ready yet. Trying not to get annoyed, I keep glancing at them at every chance I got. Trying my very best to catch glimpse of their conversations. Are they siblings? Are they not? Are they dating? Is this a date? Too young to be married, too old to be school going kids. So I went again, and they ordered. I was just trying to keep myself together. His voice was just pleasing to hear, and hers complemented his, annoying as it was. Then I saw a plastic bag on the table, inside it a small bouquet of a rose, a white rose. This is definitely a date. A small smile carved on my face.
                Besides being busy that day, I managed to steal a lot of moments to stare at this table. They’re actually talking, talking to each other and making each other laugh. In a place like this, in this era of internet enabled gadgets, I rarely see this. They kept refilling their drinks (oh, the drinks in this restaurant are bottomless. If you’re thirsty, you know where I am) and just getting entertained with each other. They seem to talk a lot and not get bored, besides a few glances to the amazing view outside. I just couldn’t help myself from smiling the whole day.
                When you work in a place like this, business meetings, married couples and groups of friends often crowd and make life difficult. But what affects me most is just seeing how unhappy these people can be. This young, vibrant couple just made a good change today. They sat in the restaurant for hours, in the same spot, not moving, even well after all the food had disappeared. I didn’t know there’s that much to talk about, they just look so happy with each other. Why do I not get such dates? Why all I get is some crappy movie date and staring at someone who’s staring at his mobile phone?

                Seeing this couple made my day, there may not be any grand signs of showing of love between them, heck, they didn’t even hold each other arms and snog shamelessly, but that’s what I liked about them. Despite being all modest, they seem very genuine to each other. Her laughter, his smile, her shy blush at his compliments, the twinkling in their eyes just gave me hope. They may be getting to know each other or have been with each other for years now, but seeing them being happy just is just… addictive. It gives you this glow, this urge to go find your own happiness. They gave me hope. 

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